Unbound Pages
Publish Date: May 1, 2024

About the Book

Enter a world teetering on the brink of collapse, where the pursuit of 'The Mage', 'The Alchemist', and 'The Engineer' becomes a desperate race to prevent the imminent destruction of everything Eudora and her companions hold dear.

Reader Reviews

"What happens when a steampunk nerd needs something more than a historical fantasy to occupy their minds? With Dora and Adam, things are going to take you on a trip. I know it did me.
Accepting that automata, people who are not humans--you'll understand when you read--are more humane than some of the humans in the cast? That was the first reality I adored being the focus of this book. The main characters not only show the glimmer of innocent youth surviving despite dashing hopes on the horizon, but they also make readers wonder if there is more to life than what we consume routinely. Voluntarily, or not.
The author's mode of weaving worlds together from the masculine and feminine perspective, technology included and not to power the person of the perspective, is mindblowing. Fans of Studio Ghibli's character arcs from like those found in Castle in the Sky or Howl's Moving Castle will feel lost in the world Eudora and Adam bring to the forefront with ease, charisma unfound elsewhere, and more. Lovers of The Dresden Files will also recognize themes and tropes that make them want to read for hours. This first in series is the culmination of pure imagination and nerdishly romantic dreaming. Give it a try and you'll find it worth five stars and more."
- Jenna O'Malley

"Unbound Pages is a remarkable story about a young woman named Eudora on a quest to save an automata as well as solve the mystery of what really happened to a college professor. Using her natural abilities and sleuthing skills she moves forward despite the lack of clues and answers. A gripping story that had me turning page after page to find out what happens next! A must read for steampunk lovers!"

- Brandy Bullock

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