Wicked Alliances
Publish Date: July 22, 2024

About the Book

In the sprawling metropolis where magic intertwines with the mundane, Nala Blackwood is a witch bound to a life of crime. Working for the city's most notorious syndicate, her spells and potions keep the underworld in power and the streets in fear.

But beneath her dark allure and mastery of magic, Nala yearns for redemption and a life beyond the shadows. When a mysterious prophecy hints at a chance for salvation, Nala must navigate a treacherous path filled with cunning warlocks, powerful wizards, and enigmatic magical creatures.

As alliances shift and secrets unravel, Nala's journey becomes a race against time to break free from the syndicate's grip and reclaim her destiny. Will Nala's magic be enough to forge a new path, or will the darkness of her past consume her forever?

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