About the Author

Kay Parquet

Hi there! Meet Kay Parquet, a Southern gal with a heart full of stories and a passport full of stamps. Growing up with a military family, Kay’s childhood was a whirlwind of new places and exciting adventures around the globe. She’s seen a lot, and all those experiences pour into the pages she writes.

Books have always been Kay’s faithful companions, her escape into worlds of magic, mystery, and machines that run on steam and spells. She’s got a soft spot for stories where fantasy meets the future, and where heroes have big hearts and even bigger adventures. Her first loves were comic books, cartoons, and Star Trek fanfic.

Away from her books and stories, Kay’s just a regular girl who loves gaming and has a serious love for dogs. She’s convinced they’re the secret rulers of the world (sorry toe bean overlords). With her easy-going Southern charm and a touch of playful sass, Kay’s writing is all about sharing the magic she’s seen and felt in her travels.


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